An interior is the natural projection of the soul.

Coco Chanel

After training at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague in 2000, Jeroen de Nijs began designing furniture independently. Jeroen took on made-to-measure projects and private assignments. Over time, the business grew into designing complete interiors of residents and  retail. Within the last few years there have been assignments for designing buildings.

It has developed in this way, as he says in his own words, because;
“As an interior-architect I have a strong sense of space and atmosphere.
My vision is that the exterior of the building is always designed from the use and experience of the interior. The functions of the various rooms and the natural light ultimately determine how a building will look from the outside.” Jeroen de Nijs comes from a family construction business that was handed down from father to son for generations. The expectation was that Jeroen would take over the family business but after a few years working in construction he realized that his creativity was more satisfying. However, his experience in the construction world now appears to play an important role in his career as a designer of buildings and interiors.

Jeroen de Nijs starts every new project with no preconceived style because he is averse to repeating himself. Jeroen tries to reinvent himself each time, so that his designs are authentic and original in appearance. To design  a ‘made-to-measure suit’ for his clients, this method also ensures that Jeroen puts his personal design preferences aside. Whether it’s an interior, a piece of furniture, or a building, it reflects the client in the final result.

Designer Jeroen de Nijs prefers to work together with a client to realize a project. He wants to be a partner throughout the process to inspire and complement each other so that the project reaches a higher level. Jeroen finds inspiration in his clients and the environment surrounding them. That affects the space and atmosphere, which determine the shape, materials and detailing. Surprising sightlines and a feeling of space characterize Jeroen’s work.

As a result of this vision, Jeroen de Nijs’ designs are not recognized as one particular style but there is a kind of signature in the diversity of designs which Jeroen has done in recent years. This shows that he has a preference on how materials are processed and a craftsmanship that lends a certain rawness to his designs. In combination with the visual language it uses, there is something clear and timeless in his work. The final result of Jeroen’s work is free from fashionable influences.

But whether it’s interior, furniture or architecture, Jeroen de Nijs essentially designs spaces … with a soul …


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