Brick villa kitchen, Heiloo

Project details

Kitchen, Villa Heiloo, by Jeroen de Nijs

Brick Villa, Heiloo

The main building of the brick house with tiled roof has a more introverted and crafty character. The sunlight reaches far into the house through the huge glass windows, it opens space, creates long sight lines and a spacious feeling.

Kitchen, Villa Heiloo, by Jeroen de Nijs

Two villa’s
Two villas are built on a large plot located in a wooded area.  The houses consist of a basement and several outbuildings in order to achieve the maximum allowable volume with respect to the planning restrictions. Due to this limited main volume and the gable roof the houses fit in well to the historic ribbon construction of its environment.

The living room with open kitchen and sun terraces are situated on the South West, from which one has views over the countryside. The other living areas are located in the main volume. The ramp provides access to the garage under the house.

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