Loft kitchen, Alkmaar

Project details

Loft Alkmaar

15 years ago the old warehouse on the canal in the center of Alkmaar burned down. The monumental facades with the characteristic round windows are preserved, but the whole structure is rebuilt.

For years it served as an office, but lately the 2 upper floors (in total 300m²) are rebuilt to a residence with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sun terrace with jacuzzi. The property is accessible from the canal or terrace side on the back. The enormous fireplace is placed symmetrically between the structural columns and located behind the stairs, toilet and storage. This fireplace creates a natural and smooth transition from the entrance to the kitchen and to the living room. The kitchen is located close to the roof terrace entrance.  In the open living, several lounge areas are created so that there will always be enough space for the 4 children and their friends.

Practically all the furniture in the house is custom-made. Luxury materials such as walnut wood, upholstered walls and rich natural stone are in contrast with the power floated concrete floors in the industrial loft. Various installations are concealed in the stucco ceiling what gives the fireplace more intimacy.

At the time the photos were taken, the house had just been completed and had not been styled yet.

Kitchen, loft, Jeroen de nijs

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